About us

Nowadays, it’s essential for any business and family to have fresh and clean working and living spaces. With that in mind, PRS Vietnam Joint-stock Company was founded in 2013 in Hanoi to provide top-notch commercial cleaning and office support services in Vietnam.


With operations slogan “Real Service – True Value”, PRS Vietnam always aims to deliver the most optimal, comprehensive and perfect services and solutions in order to gain the absolute trust and satisfaction from our clients. Therefore, being a newcomer in the market, PRS Vietnam has been achieving a rapid growth with many significant clients of well-known domestic and international brands, operating in many fields such as offices, fitness & gym centers, automobile showrooms and shopping malls.

Throughout the years, PRS Vietnam has been steadily building the reputation in the field of commercial cleaning and office support. Our desires are maintaining and improving the quality of services, growing fast but stably to become the leading brand in Vietnam.

Our Employees

For companies that provide services such as PRS Vietnam, the human factor is one of the most important factors to be able to meet customer requirements and provide the highest quality of service. Therefore, all employees of PRS Vietnam are carefully recruited and intensively trained to meet all the requirements of technical knowledge and skills. Every PRS Vietnam’s employee has professional working etiquette, strictly following all the procedures and standards of services required by PRS Vietnam as well as clients.


In addition to educate our employees to always dedicate to work and prioritize the interests of clients, PRS Vietnam has been keeping researching and improving our working procedures to improve productivity, reduce the hard work of staff, while ensuring enhanced quality of service for our clients.

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