4 tips on cleaning common household items

Getting tired of your messy house? Why do not you take advantage of your long weekend to clean up the house with your family? That way the home would be a more comfortable place to live. So what are the things should be done to clean up the house properly? Here are the tips:

Cleaning the fridge

Fridge, which is used to store various foodstuffs, may invite a lot of bacteria. As a result, if rarely cleaned, the fridge will smell bad. You can eliminate the odors in the fridge by putting a few sheets of newspaper inside it.

Crush a small piece of newspaper into a ball, then place it next to the side of the fridge and fridge drawers. Do not forget to change the newspaper on a regular basis at least once a week.

Cleaning the oven

Ovens are often used to heat food. Oil and food spills in the oven will cause the surface of the oven bottom part get humid. To clean it, you need to dismantle the oven unit and clean each part properly.

Clean up oil spills in the oven with a damp cloth. After that, wash the liner (mat) in the oven  using soap to get rid of the dirt.

Cleaning the bathtub

Bathtub in the bathroom has to be frequently cleaned to prevent mildew. However, you should remember not to use chemicals for cleaning the bathtub because it can damage the pipeline in the bathtub.

You should simply mix baking soda and half a cup of white vinegar. Clean the entire surface of the bathtub and rinse it with boiling water. You can also use baking soda and white vinegar to clean drains in the kitchen.

Cleaning the stove

Stove is one of the furniture that is regularly used every day. Spills of oil or dough will make the stove dirty. The surface of the stove is usually susceptible to scratch if rubbed too hard.

How to clean it? Prepare a soft cloth and dip it in warm water. Soak the cloth for 10 minutes in warm water, then rub the dirt on the stove. It is also not advisable to use chemicals to clean the stove since most chemical cleaners usually contain harmful substances which scrapes the surface.

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