Wood floor cleaning and maintenance tips

Nowadays wooden floor is increasingly becoming on demand to be used as a finishing touch for home interior. Here are some tips that help you maintain your wood floor properly:

Sweeping the wooden floor

For daily maintenance you can get rid of dust by sweeping the floors. Use a soft broom (dust mop) or vacuum cleaner to deal with this.

Mopping the wooden floors

If you want to mop the floor, you should do it once a week to prevent damage caused by water infiltration into the wooden floor. If you use cloth to mop the floors, make sure that you squeeze it in such a way so it does not contain too much water. Use a special cleaning fluid for wood flooring. If your wood floor is exposed to liquid spills, immediately wipe with a dry cloth. Do not leave it too long and for it would leave spots on your wood floor.

Waxing and buffing the wood floors

You need to do waxing and buffing the wood floor back to make it not look dull. It takes special skills in this regard, but you can also call wood floor care professionals to restore colors that have been dull or faded.

Covering furniture and other objects

You might find your beautiful wooden floor is scratched due to your home furniture. To prevent it, you can cover the furniture and even other objects with rubber layers so that it will minimize the occurrence of scratches. If you want to move them, provide soft and padded layers so that there will be no direct friction on your wood floors.

Call the wood floor care experts

For severe problems, you can contact wood floor care personnel. The common problems arising are buckling, crowning, cupping, dents, and gaps abnormal. These problems can be caused by many factors and the main one is due to the level of humidity.

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