How to save money on air conditioners

AC units are one of the most essential household items of every family in the summer. Let’s find out 5 tips to save money on air conditioners so you and your family can stay cool all the time without worrying about spending a fortune paying the bills.

Use a fan

A normal electric fan or ceiling fan would increase the regulation of cool air, spreading it throughout your room, significantly decreasing the initial cooling time and saving for you a lot of money. However, if you’re in the top floor and your roof doesn’t have a good insulation, you shouldn’t use ceiling fans because it would blow the hot air from the roof downward.

Do not set the temperature too low

23-25°C are the ideal temperatures for you to survive against the heat. The higher the difference of ambient temperature and your room’s one is, the more energy your AC unit is going to use. You also shouldn’t set the temperature really low right from the beginning, because it won’t cool your room any faster while using a lot energy.

Choose the right place for outdoor units

The outdoor units should be placed as close to the indoor units as possible without direct sunlight. Do not put it where winds can blow straight to the fan. The best place to put it is where the wind direction is perpendicular to the fan’s air flow, as it will help the heat dispose fast and save energy, increasing the unit’s lifetime.

Make sure your room is always air-tight

So the cool air won’t leak through the gaps at the doors and windows, reducing the workload for the AC unit.

Regular maintenance

Do some maintenance every month before and after each hot season so your air conditioner is always in good shape. There are some parts you can clean up by yourself such as air filter, mask filter.

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