Cleaning wood floor at a glance

Wooden flooring is becoming more popular with families, companies and organizations. In recent years, people tend to use more laminate flooring natural wood flooring because of its cheap price, variety of designs and colors, highly resistant to termites. New wooden floor in very nice time but if not do not know how to clean it after some time it will deteriorate gradually as the stain, stains caused by many factors: traces small candles on the floor, her crayons, stubborn ink stains, scratches … all the wood flooring stains you no longer shiny. Take advantage now of the items in the house to clean them.

Vinegar is a useful detergent. The mixture of vinegar and hot water in a 50/50 mixture will help to cean the dregs and more polished wooden floor. After the floor drying, this mixture creates a thin protective layer for wood flooring of your house.




Warm water

The warm water is often considered one of the best way to clean wood floors because when done properly, it will not leave a patchy appearance. It is also damage wood less, because water is a very gentle cleanser.


Not only is it a great drink but also a workhorse for the housewives in the work of cleaning and food processing. White wine is especially useful when you want to remove the ink, pencil, nail polish and shoe polish. You just grab a towel to wipe to saturate wine stains, for about 10 seconds then wipe is complete.




Children’s shampoos

though taking a mild detergent and safe for baby shampoo kids but still enough to fly the grimy stains on the wooden floor of your house. Just add a tablespoon of shampoo children into cleaning water that you have a mixture of water wipe the floor spotless, shiny back perfectly safe with the baby.


It is one of the top tips cleaners for wood floors. Want to smaller supplies of wood as your new shiny, take a cotton swab soaked pine oil to mop up the truth will surface. Then you wait for the oil to dry, then polish off with a clean cloth. This way also helps to maintain color fastness of the wood grain.


dầu thông



Enemy of the stains is ammonia. Diluted mixture of water and ammonia will help clean the stains from wine, chocolate and fruit juice. To avoid odor and harmful substances referring to health, remember to wipe the floor with the mop water dedicated.
Do not wet the wooden floor

Although there are many ways to apply wood floor cleaning, but there is a common point that you need to adhere to only spray the mixture directly onto the stain and then wipe dry cloth used immediately or squeezed out of water before you use wet cloths toilet floor, because wiping the wet can lead to the accumulation of water at the foot of causing items and cracked parquet wood surface, thereby causing permanent damage to the wooden floor of your house.

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