Notes when cleaning different types of carpets

Vietnam has a tropical climate, suitable for bacterial growth and development, especially in the thick carpet, the appropriate material and less be cleaned is environment for the bacteria.

However, with every type of carpet, we should have a method and how to clean separately. Let’s refer to the cleaning and notes for each of the types of carpets.

Clean the wool carpet
Wool carpets can be cleaned using various methods.  Cleaning the wool carpet typically includes the following steps:

– Carpets soaked in cold water for 1 hour, then rinsing 1-2 times, squeezed to drain, and place in a warm water bath of about 40 degrees C was dissolved with detergents (2 carpet cleaning powder 50g users), lift down repeatedly lifting.

– If the edges and corners are relatively dirty, the kind of baby hair brush to brush cleaning sauce.

– For washing in warm water to 3 times in cold water and then rinsing several times, until no bubbles away only.

– Soak for 2-3 minutes in acetic acid solution with a concentration of 0.2% -0.3%. How can neutralize alkaline water remains in the carpet, the carpet secured keep shine.

However, it should be noted:
– Do not rub too hard and too hot water for washing in damage and shrinkage wool.
– Len was very affected by the substance and alkaline detergents should be used to neutralize the bleach solution (pH 5.0-8.0) and to dry quickly.

Clean the  cotton carpet
Other than washing buffer is made of cotton, cotton and rayon mosaics are made cellulosic fibers and can be cleaned with all methods of carpet cleaning. Most cellulosic fibers prone to discoloration if not make a quick dry carpet after cleaning or carpet cleaning chemical used is alkaline.
When washing at home to keep in mind:
–  Avoid wetting the carpet fibers too much will cause shrinkage occurs
–  Avoid rubbing the carpet fibers.

Clean the synthetic carpet
Synthetic carpets are now fairly common use. A special note of the synthetic carpet cleaning at home:
– Read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions before carpet cleaning
– No use of chemicals of strong detergent, dishwashing liquid or powder conventional cleaning
– Use supplier of professional carpet for advice.

Clean the carpet fiber plant
Carpets made from plant fibers such as cotton, jute, coir, coir … have similar characteristics as cotton can be washed by any conventional means, but the most popular is still sucked dry or clean with foam detergents plus to suck dry. Things need to notice:
– To limit the fading or discoloration, use a cleanser with a pH <7.5
– Do not dry too fast.
– Use a professional carpet cleaning service.
Clean the silk carpet
Silk carpets are the most luxurious tapestries, but they also meet hygiene difficulties. The carpet fibers are made of thin silk, the carpet was wet, the reliability is greatly reduced, the carpet will be damaged if exposed to sunlight or high temperatures.
So when silk carpet cleaning, please pay attention:
– Use dry carpet cleaning method
– When cleaning the choice should avoid cleansers with pH high
When using the carpet cleaning services, should choose professional services firms, to secure reputable carpet cleaning method for carpet accordance undamaged.

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